Hand made of passion

by Leszek Chojnowski

Hello and welcome on my website ! Sympathy to woods, nature and rustic style motivate me to create own workshop. My work is focused on creation hand-made products which can fit to wooden houses, houses built of brick, and modern style forms. My products are specially designated to fulfill variety of clients needs. I’ ve got many realized projects which you can see on my website. Let’s see if I can do something unique for You !

Leszek Chojnowski



– All of products are created in my workshop exclusively with best quality wooden materials

– Using species of materials like pine, sprouce, oak

– Wood is often olden to get special facture of final product

– Edges are proccessed by hand made work using chisels and jointers

– For certain colour end expose graining of wood are used rustic varnishes, oils, waxes which are no toxic, organic and frindly to envrionment

– Products are often connected with special fittings blacksmith Which are usually done by me


Projects are realized based on clients needs. These concepts for better perception and communication are often designated in AutoCAD.

Variety of products

Doors, shutters and rustic furnitures with hand made, cutomizable fittings to order:

– Indoor, outdoor doors

– shutters and ornate wrappers of windows

– furntures for Your home and garden

– other no typical projects

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